Terms & Conditions

The rented cars are offered with unlimited kilometers. Except for the 1-3 days period rental when there is a limit of 300km per day. In case you exceed the imposed limit a tax of 2EUR/100km will be perceived overtime.

The prices displayed on the website includes all insurance and taxes (RCA, CASCO, road tax etc).

The car washing is included in the price at the reception and return of the car.

The delivery in Baneasa Airport, Otopeni Airport and any other location in Bucharest is free from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Otherwise the tax is 10Eur.

The payment for the car rent and guarantee are made in EUR, RON, USD or by credit card. If you pay by credit card please indicate this in the observations box when you book the car.   

When receiving the car a guarantee must be paid. The guarantee fee varies from 200 to 1000 euros (depending on model). The guarantee will be returned or unlocked of the credit card at the return of the car in good condition.

It is necessary to have a copy of the passport or identity card and driving license when you rent a car.

On the rental contract are allowed two additional drivers for free.

All rented cars from our company are in very good technical condition and aesthetics.

A rental day last 24 hours. The exceeding of 2 hours is not chargerd. If exceed 4 hours or more an extra day rental will be paid.

The fuel is not included in the price and the customer has the obligation to return the car with same amount of fuel that was delivered. Otherwise, the customer pays 2 eur / liter of missing fuel.

If there are problems with your rented car we provide a free replacement within 24 hours anywhere in the country.

To leave the country with the rented car you need to contact us to offer you all the insurances and empowerments that you need.


The company gives all the best to satisfy our clients expectations. If the car you reserved is not available anymore - independently of our will, you can get a car in the same class for the same price or less, or a car one class higher the initial price. 

In case of any damage resulting from your guilt we can charge all or part of deposit depending on the severity of the caused damage. Usually a charge of  30 eur/damaged item will be perceived (for exemple, the car wing).

 If  the driver has consumed alcohol he is responsible for all car damage fully supporting the costs of the repairing of the car. The responsibility is no longer limited by the security deposit left at the car rental.

The delivery and the return of the car will be made at the date and at the place agreed by both sides.

The extension of the contract will be realised only with the prior consent of the company which must be announced at least 24 hours before the contract expires. Any unannounced delay over 4 hours can lead to theft suspicion and the police may be announced.

In case of a car crush it is required to immediately announce the car rental company at the telephone number on the contract.